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BGS Foundation aims to integrate gender justice into its programmes and eliminate gender injustice in society.

The gender justice and diversity programme works simultaneously within the organization and with the community.


BGS Foundation improves gender relations and empowers women at the household level across many of its programmes; and works to ensure that girls and boys are equitably nurtured to their full potential from pre primary through secondary school.


We also promote gender equality and tackle violence against women at a national level by influencing government policies and agendas, organizing public forums and events, and leveraging national and international alliances for gender justice.


Urban areas and regions are witnessing a rapid diversification of their populations with different groups appropriating and transforming their environment through their daily practices. Many of the current planning challenges relate to issues of race, gender, citizenship and conflicts in space.


In this track we are asking, what is the current social order of our cities and environments? Are current policies adequate in responding to the social diversity of cities? Are new policy agendas needed as the existing ones are challenged? Can we create a common culture of tolerance and social justice in a diverse environment? How can planning and planners respond to or address social movements, while managing social diversity and cultural pluralism and seeking to achieve social justice?


Proposals with a critical view on issues of gender, diversity and social justice in the context of planning on both global and local scales are especially welcome. We encourage papers that seek to identify and/or redefine the debates about concepts of equality and inequality, dignity and autonomy and political responsibility.


Gender justice is a human right; every woman and girl is entitled to live in dignity and in freedom, without any fear. Gender Justice is indispensable for development, poverty reduction, and is crucial to achieving human progress. Realizing it includes sharing of power and responsibility between women and men at home, in the workplace, and in the wider national and international communities.


During the past century, despite tremendous advancements in society, women are still not treated equally and are not afforded same opportunities. They are still at the peripheries of economic, political, social and cultural rights. Almost 70 percent of the world's hungry are women. Women remain vastly under-represented in democratic institutions globally; women represent less than 10 percent of parliaments in a third of the world countries. Gender equality outcomes in aid effectiveness are less prioritized overall. In post disaster and conflict settings, women often suffer from lack of security and are excluded from decision making processes in economic, social, and political spheres.


BGS Foundtaion prioritizes gender justice and women's rights, recognizing its centrality transforming the lives of women, families, and communities. We believe that strengthening women's agency and space is an essential precursor to achieving gender equality as well as political, social, economic, cultural and environmental security. Gender Justice is necessary for the growth of economies, sustainable food security and in some cases political stability.






Our Aim is to focus on major crises prevailing in society. But we would approach in step-by-step manner. Major part of our activities are yet to begin however the work has already initiated to engage in the cause of it.

We are ready to assist you at every stage of your crises. Feel free to approach us in your journey to create a better life - a better world. Write to us:


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