BGS Foundation - about bgs foundation



Hello Everyone,

My name is Mohd. Shehbaz Shaikh – I am the Founder, Chairmain and Managing Director of BRAC GOBAL SOCIAL FOUNDATION (also known as BGS Foundation).


We are a group of people from India trying to make a difference:

Our idea is to bring  revolution in current working structure of NGO's. We volunteer to address important social issues and create awareness under single umbrella of BGS Foundation. To achieve this humble vision, we are parternering with renowned NGO’s to tackle different social issues and our objective is to cover as many NGO’s in India and move ahead as a single team to address different social issues.


BGS Foundation aims to address issues related to Child Labour, Malnutrition and Right to Education for Every Child. I want to draw your attention that my vision is to help society in creating awareness and advocating assistance for;

•    Women Empowerment
•    Unemployment
•    Human Rights
•    Environment Protection
•    Poverty
•    Old Age Homes & Orphanages
•    Anti Drugs & Prevention
•    Food Management Safety
•    Disaster Management
•    Cancer & Aids Relief
•    Animal Conservation & Protection (welfare) and the list goes on..



As a child we have been taught by our parents and even in our schools
* not to fight with others,
* to respect others,
* to clean up our mess,
* not to hurt other creatures
* to share and not be greedy.



Then why as adults have we forgotten our basic and fundamental values. To love, to Care and to 
Nurture . I humbly request everyone to reflect on what have we, as humans have, transformed our selves into. The race to compete for money, position, social status has transformed us into soul less, heartless , brain dead living robots.



Today unknowingly we are showcasing a tendency of arrogance to waste our resources. We buy and throw away, and yet we do not share with the people who can actually are in need and can re-use the same. 


Sharing has taken a back seat in today’s society. I want to be the voice of Change. My endeavour is to make our society a better place to live if we as a responsible citizen just take a small baby step to revive our long forgotten value i.e To share !
•    Share your time to impart knowledge.
•    Share your money to help poor and needy
•    Share something which you feel no longer has utility for you.


I request all of you to come forward and join hands in our mission to bring this wave of evolution and transformation in the society to  make a place where everyone enjoys freedom,  rights and is free from poverty, unemployment, corruption, and so on.


Welcoming all to join  this journey of BGS Foundation. A Better Society A Better World !



Our objects extend to all over India.